A Dream Coming True…

Where dreams come true…

We all look at artist’s pieces, and go ‘wow, I wish I could do that!’ The thing you don’t realise when you say that is you can. You are capable of doing art. Anyone is – whether it be sketches, paintings, abstract art, sculptures – there will be something you have a talent for in the art industry.  I started off doing small cartoon sketches, just practicing them all the time – when I’m bored, when I’ve got time to spare, any excuse to do some art! Over time, the quality of my work has grown, as well as my confidence. The feedback and the comments I’ve already received on my blog are a real motivator, as I explore different media.

If you would like to get in to art and do sketches, do paintings, do sculptures, or even media and graphics then please take my word for it and give it ago. Is it worth having a wish, if it will never come true? You have to work for this wish, but then it will be worth it. It will be worth every little scrapbook practice sketch, every little rubbing out and correction, when it adds up to what others call ART.

People mainly think of art as just drawing and painting. You’re wrong! You may want to do some research of different types of art. Here’s a list of a variety of aspects of art:

  •     Pop Art
  •     Abstract
  •     Sculptures
  •     Acrylic
  •     Ceramics
  •     Crafts
  •     Digital Media
  •     Fibre
  •     Glass
  •     Mosaic
  •     Graphic Design
  •     Drawing/Illustration
  •     Jewellery
  •     Mixed media
  •     Metalsmithing
  •     Sculpture
  •     Oil
  •     Pastel
  •     Photography
  •     Watercolour

Please give any of these arts a try, just experiment, just compose a little piece, put it up on instagram, facebook, twitter, anywhere that you can get feedback. When you get positive feedback that drives you on, that’s what wants you to aim high and be the best you can and push your boundaries.

So instead of saying, ‘wow, I wish I could do that!’ why not give it a go. You may not instantly find yourself an immediate artist, but I can guarantee that you will enjoy it, and find the process rewarding!

Thank you x

Please comment below and like if you found this appealing and comment if you have taken up art or some sort of the wide ranges you can choose from…


14 thoughts on “A Dream Coming True…

  1. What you say is all very true. Anyone can learn to draw – just as most people can learn to do most things in life if they really want to. (NB. The film ‘Groundhog Day’ springs to mind in this context). But it does take commitment. Learning to draw might take 30 years. You have to be patient with yourself and do a lot of looking. And even then (once maturity kicks in and it’s truly understood what drawing is, what painting is) – even then there will be doubts. So when people say “I can’t draw” – what they’re really saying (in the grand scheme of things, and according to the priorities by which they live their lives) is “I don’t want to commit myself to that particular thing”. And that’s okay too.

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  3. This is so true! So many people think that being able to do art is because of some mysterious, magical quality called talent, which overlooks all the hard work we put in, and the fact that we are always learning — there are no mistakes in art, only learning experiences — but you have to put in the hours to do the learning. I’m looking forward to seeing where you take this, and cheering you on in your artistic endeavours!

  4. I completely agree, when people tell me i’m “talented” and that they can “never do that”, i find it silly and quasi-pathetic. And then they say that they’re not creative — everyone is creative, people just have different levels of inhibitions that filter their creativity impulses.

  5. I think everyone is an artist in some way, we just don’t usually think of what we do as ‘art’ (especially not when we look at what they put in museums). 😉

  6. Mike I love the inspiration this post gives many about just getting out there and doing it. Your work is really good, you are gifted artist. Thanks for the like on my blog,

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