I am a 14 year old, studying art for GCSE, and would like to go down that job line…

I started art at a very young age, and I have carried it on through to this very day. Over these years, my confidence and ability has increased dramatically. This is because of all the rewarding and thoughtful comments you leave below. It makes me want to carry on art, but not only that I want to do a better piece each time, and by that I am pleasing you and myself. I also really enjoy playing the guitar, which my brother taught me to play. I also do diving 4 times a week since I was 11, this is something I enjoy, and like art it is very rewarding and the hard work pays off!

Who do you want me to draw? Have a think and comment below and I will give it a go!

On my home page, click on the circles to enlarge…

mikeyleee475@gmail.com email me if you are interested in any of my art work, thank you


13 thoughts on “About

  1. Being an artist is a lifetime commitment. Learn your craft and follow your purpose and see where it leads. I started painting about your age with no other other purpose than to explore. Ultimately, I wrote more literature than I expressed myself visually. Nevertheless, I continued to paint for over 50 years. I tell part of the story on my blog and show a few works . I might have done better with more formal training, but nothing diminished my desire to make pictures that satisfied the will to art. If you can find artists to mentor you in your self discovery, that is a great beginning. http://writingasaprofession.wordpress.com/2012/06/30/the-expatriate-painter/

    • thank you very for the time and thoughts in this response. Comments like this are really helpful when I’m thinking of where my journey in art can take me. i will take a look at your blog!

  2. Hey, great blog! You’re gifted…and just as importantly, you ENJOY art. I think if you like what you do, you will excell in it.

    You wanted a sketch request. Hm…how about a portrait of someone you know…like, someone you’re close to and strongly inspired by?

    – callie

    • thank you very much for your comment, and yes i will take up your request, however i have a lot of art to get through first, but i will post and tag you when i have done it, thank you!

  3. Thanks for the ‘like’ on my post – this led me to yours… I’m really impressed and wish you the best of luck….it’s an excellent idea to put your work on a blog, as well.

  4. You have a somethingness in your work already — I lobed the AAAH and the baby and Rhiannam — all showing your versatility. If you are on facebook you might want to look around at some of the journaling/sketching groups — I bet you’d love them! You visited me as dkatiepowellart (but I am zenkatwrites as well). Best, Kate

  5. I think you’re already showing that you’re an artist. Your paintings and your blog are very good. I hope you can follow where your heart leads you to create all you desire in this world. 🙂
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I’m glad you liked it.

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